Saturday, November 05, 2005

A change of heart at the roll of the dice...
My job has vastly improved in the past month. A big part of this has to do with Yahtzee. At lunch every day that I work now, R., M. and I sit down and eat together over a game of Yahtzee, with a new tournament each week. We play two rounds,which takes about an hour or so, the second round requiring some of our “secret weapon"-- some dark chocolate. My scores go up right away. Another bonus is that if I made enough food, I also get to enjoy a very nourishing lunch with them (otherwise, it’s plain old yogurt.) I think it is wonderful to have an outlet for my competitive love of playing games, and I can’t believe I actually get paid for this! I was really having a hard time with the job for a while, but the turning point was the first day we played Yahtzee and R. offered to pay me overtime (yes, time and a half!!!) to stay and play one more round. I realized, “This is a good job. A ridiculously good job. Ariana, no more griping." And that was pretty much it. I am quite content.

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Nathan said...

Having fun at work is priceless! That's when it all comes together. In the Art dept. we try to make each other laugh when we can, but the game sounds like something to look forward to.

As we rode the bus home from the city the other day, I noticed a foursome behind us set up a makeshift table across their knees and play a rousing couple games of cards. It made commuting look like fun.

Another couple had grabbed some 20 ouncer beers in the station and sipped away as they stood and chatted for the entire hour ride. They were oblivious to time passing or any discomfort, it was like an advertisement for commuting.

Up with everyday fun.