Wednesday, August 16, 2006


It's Wear Your Baby to Work Day around here every day. Except for the backache, I love wearing Amelia around in a sling. It's supposed to help her set appropriate sleep and wake cycles, and keep her calm. It's the perfect solution for soothing her AND getting housework done, as well as putting her to sleep in the evening.
Whenever the question about which animal I thought I most closely resembled has come around, I have always thought of the kangaroo-- nurturing but a little aggressive (I WILL box you down!) Anyway, I like having a little joey snug in my "pocket."


annie said...

I am so glad the sling has come in useful. I hope it's comfortable. (for you, that is. Amelia looks pretty comfy.)
She is a beauty!

ShackelMom said...

Looks really great! Beautiful malong sling! She is so precious! thank you for posting new pictures!

Gretchen said...

Fun pictures Ariana! I love the sling also but I still can't get myself to wear him around the house while he's sleeping. It makes me feel a little crowded. We have had some fun Starbucks runs in it though! =0)

Anonymous said...

Oh, baby. I love the second picture of Amelia. Her eyes look so focused. The batik wrap is so cool! And little Anders is doing well! Hurrah!!!