Sunday, April 29, 2007

We had a great trip. Amelia was the perfect little travel buddy, and did very, very well on our adventure. On all of the flights, we had an extra seat available for her, and that made all the difference. She sat and played, charmed everyone she could see around us, and even took naps on the plane both ways!

My time with Amanda, Andrew and Esly was also wonderful. Nothing too complicated or exciting-- we just spent time together, ate some nice meals and checked out Boise. Their little babe is so sweet, and it is beautiful to see two friends become a family. I'll share the rest with pictures.

It has been so neat to watch Amelia develop into a secure, warm and trusting child. She will go to anyone, and readily accepts attention and love from new people. It is also really wonderful to see other people showing her love and enjoying her charismatic personality.

Although I was initially pretty nervous about travelling and parenting alone for four days, it was better than I expected. And I was pleasantly surprised by the new closeness I feel like I share with Amelia. I think that on a daily basis, I am looking forward to Jeff coming home and taking over parenting. Sometimes I am more in a damage control mode than really trying hard to relate with Amelia and work together with her. On this trip, there was no "off" time in sight, and so I think that the way I approached her was more long-sighted, really trying to ease any frustration she was experiencing, doing everything I could to help her feel her best for as long as possible! This was a great experience.


annie said...

Love all the pictures and I am so glad to hear your time with friends and with your daughter was sweet.
That picture of Amelia next to Esly reminds me of how tiny they are when their first born and how HUGE older babies look in comparison! She looks like Amelias' toy doll.

Gretchen said...

I'm so glad you had a good time with Amelia. It's fun to have a baby that is old enough to be a little buddy! It looks like you had a really nice trip. Welcome home!

doro said...

i'm so glad that you had a good time!

The Semi-Pro Chef said...

She's getting bit! Ahhh so cute! She is so sweet. Its good to be back haha, always have kept up with your posts. :) Take care! And yes - God bless our God-given bodies, they can do so much!