Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Gift Inventory
Jeff kept joking about "Ari-anta's Workshop," which took up our whole dining room for the two weeks before Christmas. We were eating our meals on the floor in the living room. I had so much fun though, and we were both pleasantly surprised by all that was produced:

7 felted wool hats
4 pairs of felted wool pants
3 necklaces
1 pair of earrings
4 packages of home made quince paste (paired with local cheese)
4 bottles of infused vodka
1 bottle of aftershave-- I was infusing one with frankincense and myrrh, and then did my homework and found out it was poisonous to drink, so Luke got a really unique, great smelling bottle of aftershave!
1 watercolor
12 individual CD mixes with original collage art covers
2 Christmas garlands
2 Wool stuffed animals
1 scarf and mitten set

I really should have taken more pictures, but it's nice to at least document by listing. As I already said, it was a lot of fun. I am glad to have the dining room back (once the floors are done, that is!) and to be able to move on to other projects, like getting rid of more stuff.

I am currently working on a slew of childrens' wool pants to take to a local consignment store, to see if they would like to sell them in their "locally made" section. I have them in stripes and really cute colors, some with little embellishments like heart shaped patches, so there is a range of possible looks. But I need your help-- what should I call these pants? A local artist that uses recycled wool already uses the name "woolies" so that is out. Any ideas? Help!


DaveShack said...

Un-coulots... uncoolots?

Anonymous said...

A Whole New Wool?

Leslie said...

I actually like Woolapalooza.
You could be sneaky and call them "Woolys" ...
Wool Baby (thank you, Captain Obvious)
Rewool. HA HA

Anonymous said...

Panta-woolies (unstead of pantalonas)
I like woolapalooazs! the best.
Woolen Warmies
Woolie Warmies
Nice 'n cozy
Babe in sheep's clothing

Do they itch??!
Great Aunt Gretchen

ShackelMom said...

How 'bout:
Lambies, 'Never felt better,' Wooly Toasters, Sheepies, Wooly warm-ups, wolly warmers, wolly wonders,

ShackelMom said...

Felt needs...
Baby cozies
Warm and Wooly


"Warm and Wooly Baby Cozies, never felt better!"

Warm as Sheep
Forever Warm

uh... well, I think that's it for me! :-)

Melissavina said...

I love "Lambies" besides, that's what Heather used to call all of us.

I also like "Toasties" because they look so warm and toasty.

Melissavina said...

One more thing.
I think you should try selling them on

You'd make a killing!!