Friday, May 30, 2008

New Cousin in Town!

Jeff's sister very efficently birthed a baby boy yesterday! We went to go see him right away, and Amelia is still talking about him. He goes by Rhue and is so so sweet. About a month ago, Amelia saw me holding a newborn baby (and I couldn't hold her at the same time) and suddenly lost all interest in babies. But she did really well yesterday and didn't seem to mind me holding Rhue. She touched his velvety little head and keeps saying "Rhue... soft." I tried to get a picture of her kissing him, but she just kept looking at the camera with sad little pleading eyes saying "Hungry. Hungry." We had just eaten lunch, but it was still quite moving. I know it's past wool- wearing season here, but I couldn't resist making him this little hat.


ShackelMom said...

Congrats to Eden and Jeremy! He looks really sweet, and I am glad A is taking to him!

Gretchen said...

How exciting to have another little baby in your family! What a cutie pie! What a sweet picture of Amelia looking a little concerned and very grown up. =0)