Monday, September 06, 2010

It's the "First Day of School" Post.

Somebody is very excited.

Ever since we arrived, we've all sort of been waiting for that magical moment when Amelia would start going to school. She does so well with lots of variety in her days, and plenty of social interaction. I do so well with solitude and less excitement. It was a very long wait. But now we have entered that wonderful season of morning routines, busy days for Amelia and quiet, productive times for me. She is SO excited about her school!

This is our "front door" to our apartment, although it's shared by several others.

She has come home very happy every day. It's hard to figure out what exactly goes on over there, since she has always been very tight-lipped about the events of her school day. But there is lots of snacking on fresh fruits and vegetables. They serve herbal tea, very diluted juice, and water. Eating and drinking have always been the main-events of Amelia's days. There is a little dining room where she eats lunch, that looks like a kids' restaurant. No one speaks English well there, but she comes home each day with a few new German words.

I love crossing the bridge each morning.
Here, she is getting really tired of me snapping pictures, and just wants to get there already. I'm glad she humored me anyway.

The walk to school each morning is really wonderful. It is at the same time as one of the church's bells toll for morning mass, and we pass by the big beautiful doors as all the elderly ladies line up outside and coo at Amelia passing by.

I love the above picture. Amelia's in school six hours a day now, and it seems like such a big change. Even though the kindergarten is very play-based, it seems like she's really started her school career.
Her adorable classroom. I think she spends most of her time in this play kitchen.

Exciting times for all of us!


ShackelMom said...

These pictures are classic! So fun! Six hours a day, wow! I am so glad she is having such a great time, and I am glad you are too, with the morning walks and the quiet apartment and your own schedule! Can we Skype yet? :-)

Gretchen said...

What an idyllic experience! The school seems amazing and the walk to school seems so... European! =0) So happy that Amelia is in such a great school and that you can enjoy mom time!

doro said...

What a big girl! So cute!

Grandma Seelye said...

Thanks so much for keeping us up on your life. growing up! Looks like a very nice school.Love you.

Anonymous said...

Amelia has grown so much! She looks so cute and happy. I'm glad she has such a good school to go to!


Robin said...

Amelia is such a little darling. I love her pink sweater and her very happy face. What a pretty stone street, too!