Sunday, November 07, 2010

I missed doing the big post about Amelia that I had wanted to for her birthday... I started it, but then things were so chaotic that I never finished.  Since then, honestly, things have been so challenging with her that I didn't feel like I was in a good place to sit down and talk about her here!  But I wanted to share the part that I did write a few months ago.

As most of you know by now, Amelia is ALL about people! She has an almost magical way about her of drawing people out. Wherever we go, people notice and remember her. She seems to garner special treatment from everyone, which is something we're trying to keep in check-- we're afraid her worldview is already a bit skewed because of it.

A month or so ago, we went on our first family vacation to the coast. One morning, we were hanging out at a coffee shop there, and Amelia was doing a nice job of staying occupied, climbing on and off of her bench, looking out the windows, etc. She was staying close to us, but I could tell it was quite a discipline. Finally, I said, "Amelia, would you like to go meet some people?" She looked at me, beaming, "CAN I?!" And she was off, to the other side of the room, filled with grownups. She literally kept them captivated (and busy) for a full hour. She introduced herself, met everyone in the room, got a tour of the back of the shop. One lady went out to her car and brought her dog in for Amelia to meet. A funny moment was when Amelia saw a lady in the back of the shop, wearing a bright orange puffy vest and asked her "Are you doing some 'instruction' work back there?"

 I loved this moment, because it really shows Amelia's strengths.  She is super aware and considerate of other people.  A few weeks ago, a new friend of mine shared that she has allergies, too.  Then this week we were walking together to ballet class, and she turned to her and said, "So, Maya, how are you doing with your allergies?"  Most kids her age never really think of other people and ask them questions about themselves.  I am so thankful that she is generally cheerful, and draws people out.  I am trying to learn from her about not being afraid of being noticed,  and just engaging anyone who smiles at me!


Aunt Robin said...

Very sweet. How nice to learn from a child... good idea! :-)

Great Aunt Gretchen said...

We have learned many similar things from Philip. Like-remembering people's names, always assuming the best about people, loyalty in friendships. etc. It's humbling to learn things from your children.

Grandma Seelye said...

Thanks for sharing these precious things about Amelia! What a dear. I would love to skype sometime. love you.