Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The beginning of a new season. So today I began my new job. New job? Yes! It seems that my new role in life is mainly domestic. I am working for a girl close to my age, taking over her kitchen as a "personal organic chef" and assistant/ care giver. She is recovering from cerebral meningitis and from the treatments for the infection that were really hard on her body. My main duties include meal planning, shopping and doing all of the cooking for her and her girlfriend. Other tasks include assisting her with some detox therapies, physical therapies and, yes, some recreational therapy-- most likely some cards and ping pong. I spent a long time today investigating her dietary restrictions, loves and dislikes. I also took a complete inventory of ingredients in her kitchen. With each new job, I realize more and more what a compulsive organizer I am! I will be making a permanent kitchen inventory so I can reference it as I plan meals and shopping lists at home. I think it will be a really enjoyable, fulfilling job. I have to laugh, though, because a friend called today and asked if I would be willing to give her some sewing lessons. She asked if that would be okay even though I teach cooking lessons every month, as well. I think I need to start cross- stitching, crocheting and learn to play the piano. Then I will be a truly accomplished young woman.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Now that every member of the family, not excluding cousins, has a blog, I have been feeling like a -no, THE stubborn party pooper. Although I cannot guarantee the regularity of my posts (I don't have internet at home yet,) at LEAST I can comment on everyone else's Blogspot blogs. That's better than nothing, right? Part of this has been made possible by Baker Elementary School where Jeff works. They had given him an Apple i-book G4 last year, which we shared. This year, they gave him a new one, but didn't take the old one back. So now we each have a GREAT computer, absolutely free! Maybe we'll get internet at home one of these days, but the South Pasadena library is pleasant enough and close enough to walk to.