Wednesday, September 20, 2006

We had a wonderful time in Michigan with ALL of my siblings, their spouses and kids. It felt pretty amazing to be together like that. At one point, I believe there were 19 of us staying at D & Bs' place!

We have surprisingly few "family" pictures of the three of us, so I am happy to show this one.

I can't believe how different Amelia is looking these days, especially in this picture. Little girl on the way, better enjoy the baby! All of these photos are courtesy of brother Daniel-- thank you!

Monday, September 11, 2006

That last picture of Amelia (with me) wasn't so great, so I owe it to her to put this one up. I took it today. Isn't she wonderful?
Just the two of us...

So Jeff is back at work now, and Amelia and I are finding and settling into our own routine. I was really dreading Jeff's absence during the week, but it has been better than expected. Amelia is a pretty regular napper, so I am able to get a lot done, and sometimes join her. Also, we have moved the daily walk to first thing in the morning since she often doesn't go back to sleep after Jeff gets up at six-- might as well get moving! She is increasingly playful and is such a delight to be with. I'll post more pictures and details later, but wanted to give you an update.