Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Some News.
The first announcement is that Amelia is doing well with her weight gain. We found out on Thursday that she has put on over a pound in the past two weeks. Pediatrician is happy, and we are relieved. I am putting a few pictures to confirm that she is chubby and rosy.
I love those rolls!

Look at how rosy her cheeks are!

Now that she is four months, she is indulging in an egg yolk every day. This picture was taken after her first couple "bites." We have moved the egg eating to right before bathtime.

Although she may be chunking up, she is still a shrimp compared to her 7 week old friend James....

There is more to tell, but I will make it another post soon.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Coming soon... A chubbier, happier baby!

Last Thursday, I took Amelia to her pediatrician for a routine visit, and found out that she is quite undernourished. The doctor was pretty concerned and told me that my breast milk quality was not good enough. I had been nursing her ever 1-2 hours, but she is still only 10 lbs. 13 oz. That was discouraging. He told me I need to start supplementing with formula after nursing her, and that I must come back for a weight check in two weeks. The can of formula he handed me was 42% corn syrup solids (!!!) I am now making my own formula each day at home, and with a little flavor tweeking, Amelia is drinking down quite a bit and spends less time crying and chewing on her hand. I am really really hoping this will help with her sleep issues!

I took this picture of her when she should be napping. It was a fun way to deal with my exasperation after several hours of trying to get her to go down for a nap! I also took her to a chiropractor, and the next day she was unusually mellow and content. She has actually put herself to sleep a few times since supplementing and adjusting. While this is a tough adjustment time for all of us, we are excited to think that Amelia could end up happier and quieter. I get so excited just thinking about it.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Photo Update
So Amelia is getting better and better with neck control. She can almost sit in a bumbo chair independently. Anders and Gretchen came over, and this adorable little flapper hat is a gift from them.

It's so fun to get the babies together. They noticed each other some, but were of course much more interested in what the mommas were doing.