Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Who is it?

In the next couple of weeks, we should find out the gender of our baby. The fun thing for us is that we've already settled on a name for little person, and once we know WHAT the baby is, we will also know WHO he or she is. We're excited about being able to talk about the new family member by name. I think it will also help with the psychological preparation for having a child. It all seems so abstract to me right now. Every time I open the closet where we have the baby things, I think, "Why do we have all of this baby stuff? We don't have a baby!" I'm laughing as I realize that every time we get something that is baby-related, it just goes straight into that closet and we shut the door. Denial?


Carol said...

ha! hopefully your little babe won't be modest. just be prepared for that! it drove me nuts when i had 2 ultrasounds and both times ellie was cross legged.

i guess in the end it was fun to be surprised, but it was equally fun to know about my other 2. i can't wait to hear from you...and know the names...i love that kind of stuff.

Nathan said...

And at our house we say what are these toys doing all over the place? We don't have any... oh yeah, we are outnumbered.

It's fun to call the babee by name. Let us know when we can be more specific about the upcoming cousin.

annie said...

I am looking forward to finding out who's in there too!
We are so thrilled for you and Jeff. We need to get together soon so you can meet Johnny and I can meet, ummm, your belly.
I really liked knowing that we were having son. It brought more intimacy to the pregnancy. Evan insists that we not find out with the next one. He wants a surprise.
Let me know,okay.

Daniel Shackelford said...

I love babies. Don't tell B, she does not want me to be sad that we aren't having any more. I like mine terribly, but I will always love seeing my brand new nieces and nephews.

Hello Annie! Good to find you and you blog.

I do think about my dorm sisters from time to time... Fondly, of course.