Thursday, June 29, 2006

Amelia had her first "spa" experience: a sponge bath and full body massage with coconut oil. I was envious, but she didn't seem to realize how lucky she is!

I love this bunny towel!

I have always looked forward to giving my baby a massage.

Clean and sweet!

Baby bliss?


Anonymous said...

She looks so blissful and beautiful!

Carol said...

Thank you again for sharing your photos. You have allowed me to remember my 3 at this age and I thank you for it! Sometimes all you can do is live in the moment- but it's nice to step back too!

annie said...

I love that she just slept through it all. She's so content. I am just falling in love with her!

Gretchen said...

Oh how precious! What a lovely experience for her. =)

The Semi-Pro Chef said...

She is just beautiful Ariana!! Congratulations! Such a blessing, a true blessing. And she looks so blissful in her baby pictures...full of love and sweetness. I hope to see her in person soon!

Anonymous said...

she is just too beautiful!!!