Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Getaway.
Jeff and I planned a trip last weekend to spend some time together relaxing before Amelia comes. Below is my really lame attempt at documenting the fun.

That was in the car on the way to Long Beach. Yes, we went to Long Beach for a vacation! I didn't want to have to drive long, but wanted to be near the coast. We stayed a couple of nights at a B&B that we would never recommend to any of you. But highlights were: not having to cook, not being able to clean or work on the "to do" list, and spending lots of time together. And reading magazines. And watching TV at night. I was so relieved to be home. our bedroom is so much more relaxing than the room we had, it felt like heaven to not be overstimulated by busy wallpaper and walls covered with a mishmash of framed pictures and assorted tchotchky (Is that how you spell it?) in an already very small and crowded room. Anyway, we love our apartment and another bonus of going away was being really thankful to be home!
On another note, we stayed up really late last night installing an AC unit in our bedroom. It was almost 100 degrees yesterday, and we are both pretty uncomfortable. We are taking walks every evening to coax Amelia into position for takeoff.


Gretchen said...

Ohhhh what a nice time to take a bit of a vacation.
I know how it feels to be upstairs in a really hot apartment. Chris and I are feeling the heat as well.
We can't wait to hear when Amelia is on her way!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a really nice getaway, in spite of the unrecommendable B&B. I don't think your pic documentary was lame at all. The arm-length closeups, of Jeff and especially of your eyes and freckly cheeks were very nice! You look peaceful and content and well... sort of little girl-like.

Heidi said...

I had to giggle at your description of the B&B. We have had mixed experience too. The most memorable B&B was on my high school trip with my family to Washington DC, there was one somewhere with nick-nacks all over every flat surface, and crazy wall paper too. I haven't had the nerve to try B&Bs as a married person...there are a lot of nice hotels out there that we like.

I'm glad you love your home so much. And I'm excited to see how the pregnancy drama plays out in the next week. Blessings on you!