Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Some News.
The first announcement is that Amelia is doing well with her weight gain. We found out on Thursday that she has put on over a pound in the past two weeks. Pediatrician is happy, and we are relieved. I am putting a few pictures to confirm that she is chubby and rosy.
I love those rolls!

Look at how rosy her cheeks are!

Now that she is four months, she is indulging in an egg yolk every day. This picture was taken after her first couple "bites." We have moved the egg eating to right before bathtime.

Although she may be chunking up, she is still a shrimp compared to her 7 week old friend James....

There is more to tell, but I will make it another post soon.


ShackelMom said...

Oh yes! So nice to see her chubby little tummy! So cute! some of these pictures remind me a little of pictures of Little Ariana as a baby... Bee, do you think so too, or is it my poor memory? I note that at this point she seems to have Jeff's hairline... :-)

Bethany said...

So fun to see more pictures. She is such a cutie! And I am glad she is healthy and you guys are feeling better. My babies (Ethan & Ariana, jr) looked so much alike for the first few months that I sometimes get their baby pictures mixed up and have to study the context to see when the picture was taken. So to me Amelia doesn't look like them, but I can spot Ariana and Jeff's features in an instant. Such a beautiful combination! I love those dimples and beautiful smile. But I do think that if, when she becomes a teenager, she insists on wearing bright orange lipstick you are just going to have to take away her car keys until she chooses a more natural lip shade!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! Good job! She's a doll and it's fun to see her little laughing face. Good idea about eggs before bath time!