Friday, November 24, 2006

We have so much to be thankful for. Jeff and I are coming up on our two year anniversary, and have been getting along better than ever. It is so wonderful to have his friendship and company every day. We are both very aware of how we have grown in the last year, and how the challenges of late have just made us a better team. Things have been pretty hard at times, but it has made us look harder for excuses to enjoy a good laugh, and that alone makes life better.

We had a wonderful time last night at the C. home, sharing the big meal with family. It was a little sad to realize that this may be one of the last events with this part of family for a while for us, since we are moving in the summer. I have to say, though, that it may have been the most enjoyable family gathering yet for me, and that is the best way to close a chapter!
And, of course, we are the most grateful for Amelia. She is five months old, and sometimes we still can't believe that she is actually ours. She is so full of life, and loves to be involved in everything. She smiles easily, "talks" a lot, and fake coughs to get our attention all day. She can laugh, but she is an unusually tough crowd. We wear our selves out for a little guffaw.

Jeff and I are so aware that our lives are so rich and full. We eat such great food every day, and are able to enjoy so many luxuries in life. We have such a nice place to live, with quality people all around. And we have options. We are thankful that we are able to make major changes and moves to benefit our future family, that we are not stuck in an "unsustainable" situation! We have been given so much to work with, and realize that this is not actually the norm. Sometimes we are tempted to feel guilty about abundance, but I know that part of God's delight in taking care of us is for us to just say "Thank you!" We are so grateful.


Anonymous said...

We thought it was a wonderful day too! We especialy enjoyed watching all you young folks laughing and conversing and playing with the babies.Yes,we are blessed in so many ways! PTL!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your Gratitude blog, Ariana. So many good things to be thankful for... God's gift of Amelia, family, warm relationships, abundance... Thanks for posting these lovely, true thoughts!

annie said...

Happy Anniversary, a little in advance. God grant you both many, many more years! (and many more beautiful babies, too)
It was so good to see you and Jeff and meet Amelia. She is so sweet. Johnny and I are loving the c.d. and have listened to it over and over on our road trip up to northern cal. We are near Chico for the next few days with my parents. We really do have so much to be thankful for. I could have so much less and still have plenty of reasons to be grateful. Nice post, and I love the pictures.

ShackelMom said...

Great post! Yes, I do think God delights in blessing us so we can enjoy being grateful and satisfied with all His blessings. We are all so blessed! Amelia is so cute! Love each new picture!