Sunday, January 21, 2007

Thanks, everyone, for all of your kind words, whether via comment, phonecall or e-mail. I feel mildly embarassed, but definitely encouraged by the outpouring of care and attention. Thank you.

It has been a discipline to wait to post what I am DOING ABOUT my current situation, to look a little helpless for a couple of days before I tell you why you shouldn't worry quite so much because I am doing my best to take care of things. (If you know me well, this should sound completely tongue-in-cheek.)

The night before last, I went to the Cox home to have a night "off" in the guest room. I still woke up every couple of hours, but the nice part was that I could just look at the clock and roll over, never actually having to get up. A big psychological break.

I have started gardening again, and yesterday had fun sifting through the freshly digested compost to pull out the grubs as I put it in the garden. So far we are growing sweet peas, ranunculus, asparagus, purple kale, strawberies, onions a salad greens garden and a variety of herbs. Plus, we are working hard at getting the backyard as pleasant as possible for upcoming spring and summer dinners outside. Did I tell you we (our complex) got a fire pit for Christmas from our land lord? Sure, I had to ask for it, but still-- what a nice gift!

I am going to get a YMCA membersip. I just found out that they will watch A. for free while I work out! I'm sure she will love the change of scenery as much as I will. I keep joking about packing a lunch and camping out there all day...

Also I usually make "fancy" dinners for Jeff and I during the week that we enjoy together with wine (sometimes) and candlelight (always) after A is in bed. We always look forward to a couple hours alone together in the evenings to talk, watch a movie or play a board game. Odd as it may sound, I think we actually get along better now that A is here. A nice surprise.

Any other ideas that have carried you through the rough patches you've experienced?


Anonymous said...

Ariana, I have sure enjoyed your posts. You have done a wonderful job with 'A'. All that matters is the LOVE you and Jeff have given her. I know more sleep does help every day. It does get better. I still get up with "K" who is 4 yrs old. So, she can go to the bathroom.

I have loved the gym and it has 2 hr max child care. While exercise I get to watch "K". It has helped me out soo much. I hope you will enjoy the 'break' too.

Wish all the moms from our class could have a play group going.
Take care of your self. Christy

Unknown said...

Christy, thanks for stopping by so often with such kind and encouraging comments!

Megan McMillan said...

Sounds like you're really tackling this head-on with some great solutions! I would love to come by and offer an afternoon off, but I'll have to settle for sending prayers from the midwest. And -- a firepit? I'm so jealous.

Heidi said...

Hey Ariana, Thanks for your wonderful transparent post about life with Amelia. I was very depressed for about three months after Madeline was born...I think it was a combination of sleep deprivation, hormones, and anger towards God because I wasn't sure that it was really his plan for me to have a child right then, or just an unfair trick of nature because I was able to have children at anytime, and it happened then. (I finally had to go with "God's plan" but I wasn't too sure I liked him.)

Anyway, maybe I can encourage you by saying that things change with kids, and it will get better. That doesn't help much now, but it sounds like you're doing good things to help your situation. I'll be praying for you.

annie said...

I think your ideas are great! It's oh so nice to have the quiet in the evening with your husband just to relax and catch your breath.
Hope the YMCA membership is a real treat. An hour break in the middle of the day can make a huge difference, as well.