Thursday, January 04, 2007

This is my late Christmas entry. We may also get a New Year's one shortly. Maybe.

Christmas was full of family, as it should be. We went up to Oregon and spent Christmas Eve at J's parents' house, then drove up on Christmas morning to D&H's house to be with siblings for the traditional Sibling Brunch. We spent an extra couple of days scoping out Olympia's potential as a place for us to settle and spending time with David and Heather, whom we have been missing. Then we went back to Portland to spend some quality time with Jeff's sister's family. One highlight was that they took Amelia for a day while Jeff and I enjoyed the city and time alone together!
We had a great time with everyone. It was so good to be with family on both sides, and Amelia is at a very interactive and enjoyable age. Sleep was not so good (at all!) but she loved spending time with so many new people during the daytime, and was on her absolute best behavior. Here is her six month photo.

This year, I made almost all of our gifts, which kept me pretty busy. I enjoyed it a lot. We have misplaced our camera somewhere in our house, so I can't show pictures of everything. But I did get pictures of the biggest project of the year. I got our niece on Jeff's side a tea set and made a bag that keeps the set and doubles as a tablecloth. I didn't have a pattern, so the problem-solving part of making it took much more effort than the actual sewing. Next time it should go pretty quickly.


Melissavina said...

Your gifts are pretty, but your baby is prettier. Man, that's one pretty baby. Like, textbook pretty, and then add a bit more pretty.

ShackelMom said...

Great picture of Amelia! And I love the tea set and its amazing packaging! I hope A & P have many happy cousin tea parties!

ShackelMom said...

Could you send me a high res version of this picture by email for my wall gallery? I am sure looking forward to when our vonage phone works again!

Anonymous said...

Wow!The tea set and cloth are great-- every thing but the tea!.

annie said...

There's that beautiful baby of yours! Glad you had a nice Christmas. I am still slowly coming back to the blogging world. Life is just busy.
I love what you made, very pretty!