Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Amelia's Menu

Chicken Broth with Shiitake Mushroom
Gingered Chicken Broth with Lemonbasil
Mashed Avocado with Lemon

Main Courses
Irish Oats with Chicken and Dill
Coconut Mashed Yams
Pureed Chicken with Brown Rice and Butter
Whole Baby Carrots Braised in Broth

Mango with Cultured Cream
Banana with Yogurt Cheese
Ginger Coconut Milk Stewed Prunes
Lemon Ginger Gelatin

Carrot Juice with Parsley and Ginger
Chamomile Tea

YIKES!! It seems so silly, now that I write it all out like that. Sometimes when A isn't interested in what we're trying to feed her, Jeff and I just dig in and enjoy. The main goal is vibrant health, but it sure would be fun to have a little foodie to enjoy meals with us as well!


annie said...

Yum! Great meals, indeed.
I always felt like Johnny should eat healthy foods that I would want to eat as well.
Unfortunately, now he refuses certain foods just from the way they look.
You've got me craving yams. mmmm.

doro said...

yum! i want to eat with a! i hope that you make extra for you two :-)!

Heidi said...

Hey, can I eat too? I'm not sure I've created anything that wonderful for the adults at our house. I was always pretty happy with myself if I actually ground or pureed the baby food myself, let alone carmelizing anything. But they never knew the difference anyway...Amelia will have great taste without even knowing it!