Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Anatomy of an Amazing Birthday

1. Waking up to balloons, flowers and a husband-made birthday banner.
2. Going to a favorite restaurant in San Marino for a breakfast of (get ready) sourdough toast, candied bacon, fresh berries and a good latte.
3. Shopping at a favorite boutique in South Pasadena for a birthday present. The people there know us, so this time we were able to just walk in and hand Amelia to a lady that works there while we browsed. Jeff bought me a beautiful leather bag-- I have been desperately needing a new purse, but couldn't find the right one until now-- hurray!
4. Birthday wishes all day by phone, e-mail or in-person visits.
5. Having some dear friends over for dinner, eating fancy (but pre-made!) food, drinking wine, talking and laying on the grass looking up at the sky until it actually got too cold to stay outside.

What a wonderful day! Thank you to everyone who contributed!

Here's a picture of my happy self with my #1 birthday present.


Gretchen said...

Nice leather bag Ariana! It was good to see you and the fam yesterday. =0)

carol said...

happy birthday Ariana- wish we could have been there to help celebrate! here's to another year of life!

doro said...

i'm glad that i could be there to celebrate with you. have a safe trip today!! come back soon!

annie said...

Well, I was thinking of you yesterday because of your birthday and I am thinking of you today because I know you and the girl are moving on to the next adventure. I am so excited for you guys. You have my prayers. Can't wait to hear about your northwestern life.
Let me know when you have an address I have something really fun for Amelia! I love the print you sent me. Thank you, thank you!! Can't wait to frame it and hang it.
Anyways, Happy Belated Birthday! And Happy Trails to You! ( may we meet again soon.)

Jessica K. said...

Sad to have you leave but I'm so glad I was able to hang out with you guys on Thurs and celebrate your birthday! Wonderful journey and life! Please keep in good touch!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Ariana and Amelia! I've been thinking of you and wished that we had the chance to see each other before you left. I'm still in shock that you left California but so very happy to hear about your adventure to Oregon! Once you settle in, PLEASE send me your new address! My prayers and well wishes are with you, Amelia and Jeff! Congratulations and happy travel!
Love, Michelle

Nathan said...

Happy Birthday and safe trip. Sorry I missed calling you on the day! Bad brother! I'm glad that you had a great day and I hope the move goes super well! I'll call soon!

Melissavina said...

Happy happy birthday!!

Lovely bag.

Leslie said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

You look fabulous!

Unknown said...

Thanks, everyone! Way to prolong the enjoyment!