Wednesday, June 13, 2007

So what do YOU do under pressure?
I'm not sure how I would have answered the above question before now, but I have had a funny revelation about myself this week. Tensions are very high. I wish I could push the fast forward button on the next few weeks (or maybe months, while I'm dreaming about it...) I'm not allowed to cope by staying in bed and refusing to participate in the whirlwind of my present life, so I am acting out in other ways. I can't think of a better way to describe it than to say that I am rebelling against my own personal principles. Keep in mind, these are my own personal quirky convictions, nothing serious. Since Sunday, here is a list of totally out of character behavior:
1. I went and bought Amelia a new carseat, FULL PRICE, without even really trying to find it cheaper or used. This is definitely the largest sum of money we have spent on her behalf so far.
2. I put bleach in my load of white laundry. I have never used bleach in my laundry before. I don't even know who this bottle belonged to-- I just had the compulsion to dump it in there, and the really annoying thing is that all of Amelia's stained clothes DIDN'T come out looking any better!
3. I baked a pan of brownies. I don't even like brownies.
4. This is the most embarassing one. I went to the drugstore and bought a lotion that "builds a healthy glow within 5 days and improves skin firmness." I don't use drugstore lotion! I don't put chemicals on my skin! I don't really believe in skin firming lotions! Also, I believe in REAL tans. And I bought some nail polish for the first time in five years, while I was at it.
Jeff is completely bewildered, and I am definitely feeling reckless. He is trying to think of some way to take advantage. Maybe we'll go to McDonalds, grab some donuts for dessert, buy a television, and dump our recycling into the regular trash bins... Yahoooo!


Luke said...

Ah, I do some similar things when I'm feeling stressed. Being a bit more impulsive just seems to lighten things up a little. Plus look at the humor in reflection on your actions. (c:
I'd recommend not browsing around Amazon any time soon.

I also get brusque and a bit OCD when I'm stressed. I think you have that reflected in your actions with bleach. (c: Fun stuff, Ariana, and it'll be nice to settle back out of this stress once you've 'arrived' up north.

Nathan said...

Yep, totally reckless! I know the kind of stress you are talking about, it's that antsy whirring in your head compelling you to do SOMETHING!

Bethany said...

I can totally relate, right now!!! We have to be out our house by the end of the day tomorrow. I feel like I am buying stuff new that I would never buy or at least find at Goodwill. And I am eating garbage, and paying people to cook that garbage. I am cleaning with chemicals that I usually live in fear of. Oh, my. I am also looking forward to the other side of the transition!

doro said...

ha, ha! is that why you brought us those brownies :-)? i don't like brownies either, but aunt kathie has very much enjoyed eating them. you know, if you are stressed, at least these are rather benign ways to respond :-)!

ShackelMom said...

Oh my, I have to laugh! Nathan describes the feeling well. I know you and B will make it to the other side, but until then, I will be praying for you both!

Yeah, bleach isn't all it's cracked up to be, especially if you just toss some into the machine.

By the way, if, in a reckless moment, you hit MacDonald's, you will be so disappointed it will make you sick (if the food doesn't). If you are going to throw all caution to the wind, try Carl's Jr.

DaveShack said...

That's pretty funny. I wonder what it actually means on the deepest levels. Is it about easing off on control?

When I'm stressed out and under pressure, I do two things. I fritter time away, and I don't bother eating.

Stress: it's the no exercize, no cravings diet!

I think I'm almost back to my 19-year old weight now.

Anonymous said...

My H.S. drafting teacher had a favorite saying, "And this too will pass..."

I think he is quoting from somewhere, but I always picture Mr. Murdock with a bemused and tolerant look on his face. He also referred to his students as 'mental midgets', but as far as I know, none of us took it personally.

EMILY said...

it's me, emily. i have been lurking on your blog for some time. after reading this i just had to say something. you are funny. and wonderful.

now, we moved across the country a year ago. while we did not have a child, it was extremely nerve racking. i had never been to philadelphia before (dumb), and had no idea what i was in for. i was under pressure and did strange things like tweeze my leg hair.

let me know how the skin firming lotion works out.

p.s. say hello to your husband for me.

p.p.s. your girl is breathtakingly lovely

Unknown said...

Aww, hi Emily! Thanks for making your presence known. I returned the lotion and the nail polish-- I just couldn't follow through. But then I cut my own hair a little bit to make up for it. If you and M are ever in Portland, please let us know-- we'd love to have you over!