Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Well, first of all, our destination, as it turns out, was not actually Seattle. The conference was in Seatac-- a city of mediocre hotels and fast food restaurants clustered around the airport that serves Seattle and Tacoma. We did get into the city a couple of times, but we mostly stayed in the hotel where the conference was being held. Jeff really enjoyed the conference, and Amelia and I had a nice time being someplace new. Events included:
-- Going up and down the outdoor glass elevators.
-- Me not cooking any meals for three days, but wishing I could at breakfast (but only breakfast,) since the hotel food was so bad, and ludicrously expensive!
-- Amelia taking naps while I towel-dried the bathtub, filled it with pillows and read fashion magazines.
-- Getting the goahead from J to buy some much-needed winter clothes, and a fruitful pilgrimage to Loehmann's in Bellevue.
-- Taking the bus into Seattle down to Pike Place Market for some great Ethiopian food and the best gelatto I've ever tasted.
-- Just driving around Seattle while Amelia napped, thinking how great it was that I was practically on the set to Grey's Anatomy. Also wondering if Seattle Grace Hospital really exists (it does not, as it turns out) and wondering if it would be worth finding it and going in. Then my pride got the better of me, I came to my senses, and I found an Anthroplogie.
-- Stopping in twice to see the Olympia Shacks.
-- Driving-- yes, I enjoyed it. I don't drive that much these days, and got to listen to a couple of great podcasts.

The most notable thing about the trip was that we were staying in a hotel with hoards of cyber athletes. Apparently, the World Cyber Games were being held there, and there were 15- 25 year old geeks from all over the world there (over 700 total.) I saw two girls, the rest were guys. I couldn't help but notice that Canadians were the only ones to have full red and white, maple leafed, track suits made for the occasion. I asked one of the Canucks (is that the right nickname?) if they were all really here from all over the world to play video games against each other. "Yes!" he said, beaming with pride. "That's hilarious!" I said (maybe it was unkind, but I was completely genuine in my amusement.) "It's not funny," he said, "it's AAAHHHsome!"
So, that was Seattle.


Nathan said...

AAAHHHsome update! Sounds like fun. We have a gamer's club at our school and my co-worker heads it up. They are very enthusiastic about their sports.

Luke said...

Hahaha, CyberSports. !!! I'm glad you had such a nice time up northerly! A bathtub filled with pillows? I guess it makes sense, just never heard of it before. (c:

ShackelMom said...

A very good, complete and entertaining report! sounds like a very nice break!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I like the idea of a bathtub filled with pillows! I'll have to try it sometime when I want a really comfortable place to read at a hotel! I read recently that you shouldn't use those spas/jets in hotel bathtubs because they have no way to clean out the pump, so are pretty unsanitary! Just thought I'd mention it. :-) So that makes the pillow idea a great way to have a little luxury without the jets!

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that your pillow-lining bathtub technique got the most comments... I'd never thought of that before. Once or twice I did lounge and read in a dry unlined bathtub, in the Painter house basement, while Mom was sleeping. A little chilly, I seem to remember.

Anonymous said...

At my brother's graduation, I was stuck in a suite with a snoring father in one room and a snoring grandmother in the other room. After considering the cost of checking into my own room at 1am, I decided to sleep in the bathtub. It was great until I nearly gave my grandma a heart attack when she came in to use the toilet at 3am and I had to climb out of the tub.

annie said...

I've slept in the bathroom before,too. When I forced to share a room with my brother for a few months.
I've always wanted to visit Seattle. Sounds like a nice trip for you despite not being in the actual city. Shopping, reading fashion magazines, eating great food, quiet drives with sleeping babies...all fun!
Sorry I don't comment more, I am thinking of you all.