Tuesday, December 11, 2007

One of those Special Days...

It's only noon, and today is already one of those "special" days-- in more sense than one. I'll let a phone message I left for Jeff this morning do the 'splainin'.
"Hi Jeff. Happy anniversary. Thanks so much for the card and flowers this morning-- that was really nice. OK. A few things happened this morning, and I really need you to call me. First of all, when I was getting ready to leave this morning, I realized that Amelia had gone into the bathroom, found a razor and cut her thumb. I cleaned her up, put on a band- aid and went to Lili's for breakfast. When I got there, A had taken the band- aid off, and there was blood all over her and the carseat. The cafe was closed, but someone was there and let me in to use the bathroom and get Amelia cleaned up. I also realized that I didn't have my house keys, just the ones to the car we're borrowing-- we're locked out of the house. So then I went to a diner nearby to eat, and as I was ordering just now, I realized that I don't have any of my debit cards or ID or cash. It looks like they'll feed me anyway, but please call me back so we can go home somehow."

Twelve "missed" calls, a very leaky bloody band- aid and concerns about hemophilia later, we were still locked out and cashless, worrying about my cell phone battery dying, with a poopy diaper and no wipes. After quite a few more phonecalls and Joy's over-the-phone assistance, I called J's classroom and met him halfway to get the keys. Whew! The day's only half over, and it's already one of my most memorable special occasions!


ShackelMom said...

Oh no! I get stomach acid surges just reading this! I thought about calling, but decided that if i happened to wake you are A up, if either of you happened to be able to rest after that, I would just be part of making the day more 'special!'

annie said...

Well..Happy Anniversary, anyway!
What a day!
I am sure you won't ever forget this anniversary, but you know the next one will only be better. : )

doro said...

oh, honey, that's awful! i hope that tonight is much better!

Luke said...

oh ariana! what an positive and negative eventful day! I've had some days with similar trains of error, but nothing quite like that! (c: Happy Anniversary!!
on a similar error train of thought, I was calling to book my rental car for during christmas time up there, and I realized that I'd booked my flight out of LA a day earlier than I thought... (also a day earlier than I had requested time from work for.) Egh. Talked to my boss and he's alright with it. Still.. not the coolest thing.

hope the rest of the day was much better!

Nathan said...

Oh man! That's pretty unbeatable! Hope things have gotten sweeter... Happy Day to both of you!