Monday, February 18, 2008

Portland is Beaming!

For the past two days, the weather has been absolutely GLORIOUS! Temperatures are in the upper 50's, the sky is blue and crystal clear. In places like Los Angeles, people take this kind of weather for granted all the time; not one person here has failed to notice and be thankful. Everywhere I go, everyone is grinning. And everyone is outside. Today we did a lot of yard work and got sunburns. Yesterday we went to the Eastbank Esplanade (a boardwalk along the river where people can walk, ride bikes, etc.) and it was packed. I took some pictures, since it seemed like such a significant life event a this point in winter!

Portland looking bright.

Amelia had a blast watching all the dogs and babies go by, and kept remarking on all of the water nearby.

Taking these kinds of pictures makes J and I feel like we're on a date for some reason.

We are now more excited and anxious than ever for Spring to come!


Nathan said...

Hear, hear!! We don't have any such signs, but I'll celebrate the idea all the same. I do like the emergence from Winter so much... I'll holler when the neighborhood fires up it's chorus of lawnmowers all on the same Saturday.

Gretchen said...

How wonderful! The wind and sun and water are lovely. =0)
btw, Anders still LOVES to sit on my lap and watch the Amelia video's. He comes over to me and says "doodaloo" and I know what he wants to see!

ShackelMom said...

Looks like a date to me! So glad you got to go out and see the sky!

Dennis Family said...

I am personally a bit spooked by the ability to see the heavens being coupled with a meteor touching down at 5:30 this morning and a bloody lunar eclipse at 7:30 tonight.