Sunday, March 09, 2008

Mullins Family Milestone
Yesterday, we got our first pets! We found a couple of lionhead bunnies on Craigslist, for free, including a hutch and all of the necessary equipment. The couple giving them to us even DROVE THEM DOWN from Vancouver in their truck for us! Anyway, they are super super cute, one of them was a show bunny (I picture a little bunny dancing the cancan whenever I hear that!) We thoroughly traumatized them by bathing them, blowing them dry and clipping their nails as soon as they got here-- they had been in a pretty yucky environment. We also completely cleaned their cage. The hutch is functional, but not very good so Jeff plans to build this one for them soon.
Joy and Chris and the kids came by right after their baths to enjoy them, and the rabbits hopped all over our yard and got to eat REAL rabbit food. Fortunately, Chris is a rather gifted bunny- catcher, and we were able to put them away before they ran into the street or were pounced on by our neighbor's cat. We're planning on fencing in our yard completely as soon as we can, to give them and us more freedom.
Amelia is so excited! She has a very sincere love for animals, especially ones that are small and soft (she actually kisses the pictures of kittens in her books.) She has been saying "Bunnies! Cute! Bunnies! Soft!" throughout the day. She even named them: Buddy and Honey. It's really gratifying to watch her enjoy them, and to teach her how to respect their space while expressing her affections. We have only gotten pictures with us holding them so far, but I'm hoping to capture some video of her cooing and literally hugging the leg of the rabbit hutch soon.


doro said...

such cute bunnies!! i had one when i was a little girl and loved it.

your long hair is gorgeous!

ShackelMom said...


Melissavina said...

I'm still raging with jealousy that you used to have pet monkeys, but whatever... now I'm even jealous-er.

Gretchen said...

Those bunnies are soooo sweet! They seem pretty cuddly too.

Anonymous said...

Somehow the name 'Buddy' on a bunny brings back memories... Not all of them pleasant. --Dad