Thursday, May 01, 2008

Dining Room Work Space

I'm still looking for a the right desk chair, but in the meantime there is a whole table full I can borrow from two feet away! I'd like to add a hanging light right over the desk since it is pretty dark in the evening. This calligraphy desk was an item that was being stored for us. I was looking all over for a desk, and when I found out the measurements were PERFECT for this small space I was doubly glad, since we would have had to let the desk go otherwise.


Luke said...

Ariana, you've such a great eye for these things. (c: It looks wonderful! I love the colors for the sowing/kids room as well. Very gentle and soothing. But bright as well. (c: And the light from the glass doors is a huge difference. Can't wait to see it in person sometime!

Jessica K. said...

So cute. I'm jealous. I want that table!

Anonymous said...

You've done such a nice job! The green paint and white trim is what I'm thinking of doing to our family room this summer. The floors are beautiful too!
aunt G