Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wish You Were Here...
But Amelia had a great party anyhow! It included many of her favorite things: the park (bonus is that it has an area for dogs to play and us to watch,) strawberries, bubbles, friends and cousins.
What I love about park birthday parties is that it's a like a big playdate, and you don't really have to entertain anyone. I just made sure that we grownups had plenty of coffee, and that everyone had something to eat. Really fun! I was surprised to realize that we had 15 kids and 12 adults there-- it was nice to realize that we have that many people close by in our lives (with kids) to celebrate Amelia.

Amelia has been talking about her birthday party for weeks now, and I hope she realized that it was really happening. She noticed every single person that was there, and asked after anyone that left. She also completely gorged herself on strawberries and grapes, had orange juice for the first time, and even ate a muffin and cake (things she never eats!) so she was pretty much having a sugar trip the entire time. This picture above shows her as she looked most of the time! And the super cute birthday girl apron was a gift Jeff's mom made for her-- I love it!

We are going to do more celebrating tomorrow, on her actual birthday.


Gretchen said...

We had Anders party today too! Happy birthday Amelia!!
Love all of the pictures although I would have wanted to be there!

annie said...

Happy Birthday,sweet girl! Wish we could've been there, my kids love parks and strawberries, too! Glad you had such a fun day, may God bless you with many,many more!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, wish we could have been there too!Happy birthday Amelia! Your card will be there Monday.Love,Grandma\Grammy

ShackelMom said...

What fun! Looks like a wonderful event! Amazing that she is so 'people aware!' We we could have been there, glad she had so much fun! That apron is darling!

anonymous mom said...

Amelia was on my list for girl names. Love a Plarground party - I agree with you 100% with everything you said about them.

I absolutely LOVE THAT APRON!

Happy Birthday to your little girl.