Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's Been a LOOONG Week!

I don't think I have it in me to spin a good story, so I'll give you the bare bones facts-- also known as an outline. [I would like to note that I meticulously formatted this outline with all of the proper indentations and such --twice-- but it only comes out in one straight line once published. What a shame.]

Thesis Statement: This week was super lame.
I. Last Friday Amelia got very sick with hand, foot and mouth disease (for the 2nd time in 3 months)
A. High fever
B. Sores in mouth, on hands and on feet
C. Misery
1. terrible sleep for everyone
2. serious and constant neediness and whining for days
D. Very contagious
1. my sister couldn't baby sit her, as offered and which I had perceived as a desperate need
2. we couldn't see anyone all week, there were many canceled plans
II. Jeff got sick on Thursday
A. Fever
B. Misery
1. general family downer
2. more canceled plans
C. Crazy, unusual swelling over a series of days
1. way more misery than before
2. more canceled plans and resultant cabin fever
3. serious impairment of the legs
4. disturbing distortion of face due to swelling
5. concerns about swelling moving to airway
D. Trip to the ER
1. who wouldn't want to spend their Sunday at the ER? Especially with this gorgeous weather?
2. Amelia was there, too!
a. five trips to the bathroom in two hours
b. two incidences of pee all over the floor
c. one busted lip from falling out of a chair
E. Steroids and benadryl
1. Jeff was out of commission for most of the day
2. we were forced to watch dumb shows online like "High School Musical-- Get in the Picture"
3. a week full of meds and their side effects ahead of us

Ugh! I'm not sure where this fits in, but our washing machine is also broken so we spent the better part of our most functional day doing laundry at the "mat." So, we're glad the week is over and are hoping for better luck next time. It wasn't all bad, though. On Saturday night we got out and went the movies. For $13.50, we got two tickets and two hours of babysitting-- exactly what we needed. We watched Get Smart, which was even funnier than we were hoping-- I love Steve Carell. We also spent a good amount of time this evening laughing about our super lame week and coming up with nicknames for Jeff's distorted visage-- "Dog Face" seemed to win the most laughs. We took pictures as soon as we got home from the hospital, which we will share for your sympathy and amusement.
As a point of reference, this is what my handsome husband USUALLY looks like.
I think this is the best one!

Where would we be if we had no sense of humor?


Gretchen said...

What in the world was the swelling from??? Poor Jeff, poor you, poor Amelia!
I'm glad you're all feeling better now!

Daniel Shackelford said...

When I was stung by a bee on the lip as a kid, the name "elephant man" was applied. I don't think I had seen the movie yet, so it still seemed kind of funny.

Thanks for the pictures! Always fun to record those "off times" when you don't quite look yourself.

We have a few little girls at church Amelia's age; seeing them reminds me of you. Those poor mothers... :-)

ShackelMom said...

Oh ack! What a horrible week! I am glad you were able to get meds to help Jeff, but I so sympathize with the bathroom trips, pee on the floor and the busted lip... and the cabin fever.

You all are in our prayers! Love the pictures :-) Yep, Jeff's a handsome guy and the swelling really is kinda funny looking...

Mullins said...

Hey, this wasn't authorized, but man do I ever look funny. Planet of the Apes?

doro said...

Oh, my goodness! That sounds like an awful week! I hope that this one is better!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my!You have our sympathy!Did Jeff get the hand and mouth bug too? We pray for better days ahead. Love Grandma

Heidi said...

WOw, I am glad you survived your week. I hope that you are able to get caught up on your sleep. Although being a mother I think means we will never be "caught up".
But take a moment to enjoy the little things,which from your posts doesn't seem to be something you have trouble doing. :)
Keep laughing.
Lifes trials will seem to small when we see Christ.
Hang in there.

Unknown said...

To be fair, I have to say one thing about Amelia's potty episodes-- she recently became enamored with a certain water bottle, and I let her keep herself busy while at the hospital drinking and drinking (hmmm.. sounds like how some OTHER people keep themselves busy in uncomfortable situations...) Anyway, her bladder is not really made to handle such quantities, and I can't really blame her for losing it!

Nathan said...

Wow! Way to hang in there!

Keren said...

what a terrible week! you have my sympathies! hope the recovery is speedy and blissful.

Leslie said...

I'm telling you - last week was so awful for so many people! I'm glad to hear everyone is doing better! Phew!