Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Let's Get This Party Started!

So, everything with the massage space went through this weekend, and I am in high- gear in terms of moving in, setting up, marketing, etc. I will technically have office hours this coming week.

A little info about the place. It is in a pilates studio called Imago Dei in a nice neighborhood (Sellwood) near us. A friend of mine who is a movement therapist works there, and made the connection for me. In addition to pilates, they offer body reconciliation sessions (think psychotherapy using movement, related to issues of our experience with our bodies) and there is another massage therapist and an esthetician working independently as well.

The owner opened the studio with the intention of having a ministry to women who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and there is an understanding that this is the most important part of what goes on in the studio. I think it's so wonderful to find a place that is more committed to helping with body issues and whole person health than strictly making someone look good or feel pampered.I also think this is a really good fit for my practice, since the type of bodywork I do is more orthopedically oriented versus relaxing/ soothing massage. The fact that the demographic is interested in growing and changing and addressing problems on a physical level is perfect, and I hope to be a good match for them.

The room I am renting is very small, but still bigger than the room I'd been squeezing some people into at home, and I think it will turn out nicely. It has been stressful to be buying things for a business that has yet to make any money. I wish I could just go shopping and have fun with it, but this is REAL money, I still have to pay for everything! Hopefully it won't take too long to get a reliable amount of work, and we can start enjoying making money on this! I am really excited to finally have my own practice, it seems too good to be real. I will try to put up some photos soon.


Anonymous said...

Yea Ariana. You're finally in business for yourself!! We're all anxious to see pictures. Who will watch Amelia while you're working?
Aunt G

Erin said...

That is really exciting! Congratulations!

Nathan said...

Congrats Ariana! The practice sounds so ideal. Have fun with the planning!


Robin said...

I'm so happy for you and it sounds like a great fit! i'm sure you'll bring a lot to the whole "team." :-)

Anonymous said...

Just in time!! Ariana I have this little problem, uh, and I don't know what to do about it. Come to see you? How are your rates?
How great to at last be ready to go. Poppa

Megan McMillan said...

Hooray! I'm so happy for you that everything has come together!

amandahamilton said...

Oh so wonderful. I wish you a perfectly fitting puzzle as the money and time and childcare, etc, etc fall in order over the next few weeks. I am so excited for you. I know you will bring such opportunity for those wishing to grow and heal.
Best to you-