Thursday, December 11, 2008

Four years ago...

We got married and had our very first marital miscommunication-- in front of all of our friends and family! I still get a kick out of this photo sequence.

I am thinking," Really? That whole bite? How am I going to get that down?"
Jeff is going, "Really, you're not just going to take a bite of this? How are you going to get that down?"
Me: I can't believe that whole piece is in my mouth. Right now. In front of everyone.
Jeff: Oink! Oink!

Me: Oh dear. Now what?
Jeff: Yikes!

Me: Be graceful! Be graceful!
Jeff: I think there was a misunderstanding... Sorry.

Both of us: OK, I think the worst is over.

Me: Can everyone see that I am dying to have a child? Am I really going aaah as I put food in my husband's mouth?
Both of us: Phew, we made it past that first hurdle! On with the show!


Gretchen said...

My eyes are watering I'm laughing so hard!

annie said...

These are really funny and sweet. My favorite is the second picture, Jeff's face is hilarious. He looks all at once concerned and amazed by how much his beautiful bride just shoved in her mouth.
Happy Anniversary! God grant you many years!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Jeff's eyes when he's being fed! How funny! I remember watching the whole event happen.
aunt G

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Happy anniversary!

Robin said...

Darling pictures and fun to have the whole narration! What a nice memory!

Melissavina said...

I've never seen your wedding photos Ariana!! You look beautiful.

Gypmar said...

I can't even begin to pick a favorite among Jeff's many great faces. And you are adorable. Congratulations, and thanks for the laugh I've been needing!

Anonymous said...

What darling pictures! Wonderful memories are so special! Happy anniversary! Love Grandma

The Reeds said...

Cute! I am still chuckling out loud every time I think of that picture of you feeding Jeff -- ahhh. Haven't talked to you in so long! Hope you are well and excited about next week... Gotta talk soon before it's been so long that it's awkward. =)

Anonymous said...

How sweet! My fav is the third pic. No matter the situation you are always charming and beautiful!