Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Get Ready for a Total Mommy Blog Post.

After enjoying reading everyone's 25 Things lists, I thought I would make one for Amelia, since most of her relatives really don't know her at all!
25 Random Facts About Mimi

1. She never forgets a face. People are what make her world go round, and her new phrase she uses all day is, "Hi, what's your name? Hello (new name.)"

2. Amelia loves to play in the water, and spends a good amount of time standing on a stool at the bathroom sink. She has always really been soothed by water, especially as a baby.

3. She still has a tiny soft spot. Thankfully, it has been closing up more in the past few months, and hopefully she will have a normally fused head soon.

4. She also has a lazy eye, which wanders off when she needs to think or is overstimulated.

5. Her first favorite food (at 8 months) was salmon.

6. As you can imagine, she is a bit of a snobby eater. Things need to be their optimal temperature, she doesn't like eating the same things more than a couple days in a row, she likes fresh food, etc. She is basically completely spoiled with good fresh food all of the time, and I wish she'd eat leftovers and simple food more!

7. She has food sensitivities to eggs, dairy, corn, soy, tomato, bananas, cantaloupe and honeydew melon. And she knows the list, and will abstain to the best of her ability.

8. Amelia doesn't get spanked or put in time out, but we have lots of conversations and natural consequences.

9. Since she turned two, she has developed a lot of fears/ phobias. A few of them are balls, balloons, flies, dogs, motorcycles, and wind-up toys.

10. For the first time in her life, Amelia has started sleeping like a normal kid, only waking up once or twice (and sometimes not at all!) and getting up to 12 hours each night! Everyone go knock on some wood for us right now!

11. She laughs very easily and has always been a fan of physical humor.

12. She loses her balance when she's really excited or laughing hard, and will just crumple to the floor. Hopefully, she is not running when she's overwrought with glee, because she can trip pretty badly that way.

13. It doesn't get much better than going to the library.

14. When asked her name, she usually says "Meow." She also says this when I am trying to tell her something she doesn't want to hear. OOH, Sassy!

15. Her favorite people in the world (besides her parents) are her Grandma and Grampy.

16. Mimi is very affectionate and cuddly. I love it!

17. She does not display first-born characteristics at all. She loves having older children take care of her at preschool, and seems somewhat threatened by 1 1/2 year olds. She'd probably rather have an older sibling than a new baby in the family.

18. She has a surprising grasp of the English language. She improvises easily, saying things like, This tape around my finger is kind of bandaid-y. Amelia recently used the word 'actually' very nicely-- Mama, can I have some cold water? I just gave you some cold water in your cup. Actually, this water is warm.

19. She loves pink and purple, jewelry, ballerinas and butterflies. I guess some girls are just born really really girly like that.

20. She loves to sing. She loves hearing other people sing, and makes up her own songs throughout the day. She can also sing the first verse of Come Thou Fount.

21. Her superpower is exceptional hearing. She hears EVERYTHING we say, even if she is upstairs playing and we are talking in low voices downstairs. We have to be careful what we say, because she seems to remember every word.

22. She loves music and wants to know what everything she is hearing is called. She can also pick out certain instruments while she is listening. Her favorite artists are Frou Frou, Emmylou Harris, Claire Holley, Fernando Ortega, Bright Eyes and also Bhangra music. Her favorite instrument is the violin, since that's what her Papa plays.

23. Amelia loves taking medicine-- herbs, vitamins, cold medicine, cod liver oil, homeopathic remedies-- anything!

24. She has some sensory integration issues that make busy, noisy, crowded social situations very difficult.

25. Amelia is a total sweetheart, a kid that is very good company and fun to spend time with. My favorite thing to do with her is go out to breakfast and just sit across the table from her and talk about things. She loves having "combersations" about shapes, colors, preschool and people she knows.
OK , not such a great picture, but we've been neglectful with the camera, and it seemed like there should be something here.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet mama to take the time to write these things. What an amazing little girl we have!

doro said...

what a sweety! it was so nice to talk to her and you yesterday! give her a kiss for me!

Gretchen said...

I love this post. Thanks for letting us get to know Mimi a bit better! =0)

Nathan said...

she is darling! and you guys are doing a wonderful job raising such a bright light in a dull world!


cagio said...

Hi - it's your book swap partner. Every so often, I swing by to see what you guys are up to - I can't help it your little girl is so terribly cute.

I love this post. I did a similar for our boys birthdays but the superpower thing is so great and the combersations. We still love our book. Thanks again. said...

I love knowing 25 things about Amelia! So well told, I feel like I'm there. Thanks so much, Ariana. She's a very lovely and interesting child.

Great Aunt Gretchen said...

What a sweet list! I bet the problem with noisy situations is because of her fine hearing. The cacophony of sound probably hurts her ears. I can't believe she loves to take medicines-that's amazing!
aunt G