Monday, May 24, 2010

Family Time

Believe it or not, we had never taken a family vacation until this past weekend! I am not exactly sure why, maybe it had to do with simply working hard at surviving for the past few years. Anyway, with all of the craziness that is going on in our lives right now, it was definitely time to reach that milestone! We stayed in a little cottage at Cannon Beach for two nights. Although the weather was a little disappointing, we had a TON of fun!

On the way, we stopped at Target for a few supplies. I am usually totally against plastic toys and junk, but let me tell you-- that $7 set of sand toys was worth every penny! We also bought a $5 owl kite that we flew for hours. Somehow, the whole family left heir flip flops at home, so we fixed that right away as well. I brought food to prepare for all but one meal, and the whole trip was incredibly easy and low-stress. We all had so much fun just hanging out and doing whatever the weather allowed. In spite of rain and cold, we were able to spend some frigid hours in the sand and waves.

I am trying to work harder at actually documenting events, so I went a little overboard. Enjoy!


Robin said...

I SO glad you had a relaxing and sweet family vacation!! You deserve it, and it's a nice way to leave Oregon... with a very nice bow on top. Love the pictures. You all look wonderful.

Grandma Seelye said...

Oh! I love the pictures! Especially the close up of you and Amelia. Good to document those good memories. Love you.

Anonymous said...

That looks like a wonderful trip. so glad you were able to squeeze it into your crazy schedule.
aunt G