Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's That Time Again...

Birthday Season! Yesterday it was my mom, today it's my cousin, and Tuesday it will be Amelia. Mine comes a week later, then we take a little break, move to Germany, and celebrate Jeff in August.

I've been thinking hard about what to do for Amelia this year. Of course there will not be any new "stuff" added to the mix. She doesn't really play with toys anyway, and doesn't seem to enjoy working with art supplies yet. But what she lives for is a good story. I tell her one true story every day as we're driving to preschool. She is obsessed with snorkeling and food stories, but also loves to hear about travels in other countries. Jeff tells her a story about every other night at bedtime. She cannot get enough. I'm not sure what took me this long, but I finally went to the library and got her the Mrs. Pigglewiggle audio book for her to listen to in her room whenever she wants. Such a big hit! She goes up in her room, sits in her little rocking chair with a blanket across her lap, and just listens.

So, for her birthday, I'd like to ask family members and friends who are interested to record a story as an audio file and send it to us. You can either be reading a story, or telling a story of your own. She will be getting a little iPod for her birthday with stories on it, just in time for the long airplane ride. Of course, it's too late for most people to get something to me before her birthday, but if they trickled in over the summer that would be so great too!

I am looking forward to writing a longer post about her soon.

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Great Aunt Gretchen said...

Recorded stories are a great idea! I think your mom recorded herself reading books to her grandkids some years back. Maybe you could get a copy of it.
Aunt G