Thursday, April 27, 2006

I am taking advantage of a day or so with a camera.... Documented here is the delight of picking flowers from our own garden spaces to bring inside-- I can't get over how fun and satisfying it is! I feel a little bit bad because I like the flower vendor at the farmer's market so much. I often go buy stuff from the same people each week, just to keep up relationship and to say hello. I love it when they expect to see me and ask where I was when I miss a Friday morning trip. So I'll probably keep buying flowers anyway... such a sucker for a friendly smile!


Nathan said...

Yay for nastursums. I forgot about them because we don't see them wild her e like you do there. I also forgot how to spell them. Man, they are bright.

Anonymous said...

I love nastursiums too! Ours are looking very bountiful this year!

Unknown said...

A. Robin,
I love how there are some growing up in the sign on your corner, with flowers poking out of the holes in the galvanized metal post! I always marvel at that when I walk by.