Friday, April 28, 2006

Presenting... MISTER MULLINS!
Now that I have made a photographic appearance on my blog, it's time to bring Jeff forward as well. Yesterday was his open house at school, and it was a special treat to see him dashing off to catch the bus to work in a suit. So handsome!

Here he is with some of his kids' artwork. This is the primary form of learning/ discovery they use in thier classroom. It's really fun to see similar patterns in each child's work as they use different mediums.

The "Letter People" are also star performers in the educational adventure. Rumor has it that Jeff might be starting his own blog one of these days, talking about his delightful work with people with disabilities. His nickname with the nieces and nephews is Marchy, so some possible titles are along the lines of Marchy's Kids, or, my favorite, Marchy Madness. I can't wait.

Jeff had a long day at work yesterday, staying until mid-evening. He called and asked if we could do something to celebrate.
"Celebrate what?"
"You know, Thursday..."
I'm such a pushover. I ran to TJ's for party food before picking him up: baguette, mozarella balls, roasted veggie bruschetta, marinated artichoke hearts (my favorite) and the addictive Rittersport dark chocolate with hazelnuts. And wine. We had a party. It WAS Thursday, after all!


The Semi-Pro Chef said...

I love you guys. You make me believe in true, real love.

Gretchen said...

Oh, that's fun. I love the pictures of Jeff's classroom! I'll be waiting for "Marchy's" blog. =0)

Nathan said...

When Marchy's Madness hits the web... I'll be there.

I had a few good quips based on "march madness" last month myself. At least I thought they were good, my students probably didn't so much...

Bethany said...

Thursday sounds like a good enough reason to party to me! We have quite frequent family dance parties here at our house. A few weeks ago, on a night out at a friends house without the kids, some funky music started blasting and I realized I would have had a lot more fun at home with my kids than in a room full of stuffy adults!

Anonymous said...

Nice! Thanks for showing us a little of Jeff's world! Thursday's are special at our house too because It's my last day of work for the week, so it's my "Friday." I always feel like going out or doing something special. It looks like you had a lovely Thursday. And it was nice to see you yesterday at Mairead's party! You're lookin' very cute!