Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It's been a while since I've given Amelia the spotlight, so I will give you a picture and some stats.
We are planning her first birthday party, and although it's been a long year, I still can't believe we're there already! She seems a lot smaller and more "babyish" than most one year olds I've known, but this is a really nice stage we don't mind enjoying a little longer.
She still isn't crawling, although she's looked like she was about to for a couple of months now. I hope she can just hold off until we've moved-- our home is not too baby- friendly right now.
She talks a lot, but it's still all in Vietnamese. I think she might have "all done" down, though I'm waiting for more confirmation.
She had a beef tamale for dinner tonight. I continue to be delighted by all of the things she'll try, only now she wants to fully experience her food: chew, then take some out, see what it looks like, feel it in her hair, watch how it coats nearby surfaces, put some more in her mouth, then atomize onto the person feeding her. So mealtimes take quite a while, and our carpet and floors are hard to keep clean, but it's a lot of fun to watch her discover different tastes and textures, plus she has a blast the whole time!
Amelia is generally very happy, and has such a charismatic personality. She likes to show us a good time and keep us entertained and engaged. She recently mastered a fake laugh that is really really funny. Sometimes it's the first noise I hear from her from her bed in the morning!
Sleep (or lack of it) is still a big thorn in my side, though we are partly to blame for putting her through three different trips last month. Plus, I think she is starting to get her molars and is really feeling it.
On a side note, we had been planning to start trying for a sibling for her when she turned one, but the last couple of years have held so much change and stress for us that we have decided to wait on that for at least another six months. I'm pretty relieved to be let off the hook-- even if I was the one making the timeline to begin with!

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annie said...

She is so beautiful! I can't to see her and how her little (or maybe BIG) personality has developed.
Personally, I am really pleased that baby number 2 is coming when Johnny is two. He has changed so much since one and a half and I feel like I am not rushing him out of being a baby this way. That's just my story, though.
I am so excited for all the big events and changes coming your way!