Thursday, October 04, 2007


Temperatures have really dropped in the last two weeks, and our furnace and fireplace are not working. It's generally between 58 and 64 degrees in our house during the daytime! We finally got a space heater for litttle A's room two days ago, and someone from the gas company is coming over today to check things out. Not exactly a "warm welcome" to Northwestern weather!
We're going to Seattle this weekend for a conference that Jeff is attending related to autism. I've never been, so it should be fun to check out the city!


Gretchen said...

Oh my goodness. Now, that's cute. What a little bundle!
Have fun in Seattle. =0) Hopefully when you return you'll have heat!

Bethany said...

Yikes, I hope that gets fixed soon. We just had our furnace inspected on Monday and it looks like we are good to go. We would be in your shoes except that it still feels like summer here. Very strange but enjoyable weather for these parts. I have been jealous of your decorating pictures, since I feel like we have been spending a lot of time just getting functional (and canning tomatoes, pickles, and enjoying the local harvest)! If it is any consolation, we try to keep our thermostat set to 64 during the winter. Then again, we pretty much dress like Amelia is in this photo. Unfortunately, we don't look nearly as cute!

Nathan said...

oh I hope dome of that weather comes our way!

we HAD to turn our air on yesterday...the 4th day in a row of 90degree temps!

I want Fall!