Thursday, February 21, 2008

Words added to Amelia's vocabulary today:

Can you guess what we did all afternoon?


Nathan said...

You are so lucky! We have a dense coating of ice on everything. Crunch.

ShackelMom said...

Well, I bet you were happy too, digging in the dirt, finding a worm and a grub!

Garden time!

Unknown said...

Yeah, it was really nice. Our weather will be going back to dreary soon, though-- spring isn't really here. But we are trying to take full advantage of this warm spell.

doro said...

i read your post shortly before i went to bed. i then dreamt of seeing amelia and she was speaking in whole sentences and recounting movie plots to me! i was so shocked. i think that the movie plots were a bit much, but i thought that i'd share :-)! i miss seeing her grow!

Unknown said...

Doro-- you were in MY dream last night! I think we were talking about food (shocking!) Fun coincidence!