Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Official Daily Summertime Ritual

Afternoon homemade popsicles, always eaten on the back steps. Today's were watermelon and mint-- the fate of a mushy melon. And there's always the welcome frozen-lipped kiss.


Nathan said...

hello cute girl!

look for a package in the mail some time next week!

love, aunt carol

Anonymous said...

I love that afternoon ritual, especially the kiss. That's a darling picture!
Aunt G

Anonymous said...

Amazing to see the Finnish look to sweet Amelia. Really sets her off to be one of a kind. Super!!

Anonymous said...

Such a cutie! Watermelon and mint sounds good.I love your solution for dinner when the fridge is bare.Gma Seelye

Robin said...

What sweet pictures! And i love your creative solution to an empty larder. It's fun to have a challenge and actually come up with something better than you could have even planned!
Happy summer!